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"I SO appreciate you, Laura. You are helping me not to have the daily back pain, hip/knee aches I had grown accustomed to! When I started with you honestly I felt like my body was falling apart...was throwing many pity parties, regular physical therapy, weekly chiropractor, deep tissue medical massages, and prescription drugs I only took if I had a hard time getting out of bed. Aleve was my go-to many times per week. I don't need ANY of that now! You really are a miracle worker! What a service you provide improving people's quality of life!" -Nicole I.

"I am in my 50s. In 2008, I had surgery on my foot, but complications followed. A few years later, I also began to have problems with my knee. The doctor recommended a knee replacement. I tried all of the natural remedies and exercises to relieve my pain. Then came Pilates. I joined Milton Pilates to take my practice to the next level.

My instructor Margie started me at a beginner's level and spent a lot of time with me. She introduced me to new exercises, but only when I was ready. 

After a year of practicing at Milton Pilates, my pain has been greatly relieved. I can now do simple things, things as simple as walking without pain. I can walk up and down stairs without being in pain. Thank you Laura for Milton Pilates and thank you Margie for your constant patience and understanding!" -Barbara M.

"Milton Pilates has changed my life for the better! I always dreamed of having a strong and lean body again. Now I have it! Last summer I injured my back water skiing and couldn't work out. I was determined to get in shape and feel better again. Milton Pilates has helped me to heal. Now I go there nearly ever day, and I am strong and healthy again!" -Annemarie R.

"I LOVE Milton Pilates!! I have a number of back and neck issues that have improved greatly since I started over 5 years ago. Milton Pilates has amazingly knowledgeable instructors who are always learning new techniques to teach clients. It's a wonderful full body workout!" -Sharon M.

"What can I say that isn't wonderful at Milton Pilates and Wellness? Nothing--my ongoing experience here has been so satisfying. When I first started going, I was completely out of shape, but in the last 15 months, I have seen real and gratifying improvement. All the instructors are so enthusiastic, taking a personal interest in each of their clients. Each instructor brings a slightly different approach to the Pilates method, so one is never bored, yet all are aware of clients' individual needs. Lillie said to me one day, "I have hours of exercises available in my 'bag of tricks', so I can pick the right ones for you." Owner Laura is determined to eliminate all my bad habits--a tall order, but so appreciated. You cannot do better than seek out the individual attention lavished on you here". -Joan M.

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