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Our Team

Our qualified, Pilates instructors are Power Pilates and Romana's Pilates IITP Certified and have successfully completed a rigorous and comprehensive, 600-hour apprenticeship. They deliver authentic, True Pilates Method techniques with modified exercises to safely and effectively accommodate any individual, regardless of body composition, fitness level, illness, or injury status. Every year, they are required to attend professional workshops and seminars, continuing their education and expanding their skills. 

Laura headshot 2021.jpg
Laura Gray

Owner, Power Pilates Certified


Laura has been a fitness enthusiast since childhood. Running and aerobics classes were her favorite activities until she discovered Pilates. Immediately hooked, Pilates became Laura's go-to workout to keep her feeling strong and injury free..


As her kids got older, she realized she needed to follow her own dreams — sharing the genius of the Pilates mindful movement and owning her own business!  Laura is certified through Power Pilates in New York City, and is eager to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals through Pilates.


Margie headshot 2021.jpg
Margie Allman

Pilates Technique Certification -- Classical Pilates


Margie completed her Pilates certification in 1998 from the Pilates Technique Certification in Los Angeles, CA. A long-time fitness buff, Pilates introduced her to not only an entirely new method of movement, but made her feel like she truly had something to offer people who came to her to learn Pilates - helping them learn about their body, helping them out of pain and how to use Pilates in their daily life. She has worked with athletes, the elderly, clients with hip or other joint replacements and the average 'Joe's and Josephine's'. Her favorite thing about Pilates is that it works for every body. Over the past 12 years, Margie has competed in triathlons from sprint to Ironman distances and credits Pilates for keeping her injury-free and fully mobile.

Lillie headshot 2021 (1).jpg
Lillie Pozatek

Romana's Pilates Certified

Lillie is a life-long learner and wellness enthusiast.  She discovered Pilates as a way to help her relieve pain and discomfort in her neck, shoulders and back. Realizing that her body was not responding to her old ways of training and seeing that her body was not aging the way she wanted it to, she decided to try Pilates.  The results were incredible and beyond what she expected.  Increased flexibility and much-needed back and core strength through a committed Pilates practice took back years of pain and degeneration.  She felt like she was turning back time. As a result, Lillie decided to become certified as an instructor to help others reap the benefits of Pilates.  She decided to commit herself to a year-long apprenticeship under Holly Leun, Regional Director of Romana’s Pilates in Atlanta.  She has completed over 700 hours of written and practical study at the Romana’s Pilates Certification Center and got certified under Holly Leun, Marjorie Oron and Juanita Lopez.  Lillie lives in Milton with her supportive husband, two amazing daughters and loveable rescues Bear (collie mix) and Rizzo (crazy cat).

Dana headshot 2021.jpg
Dana Jones

Romana's Pilates Certified

Dana has been teaching Pilates since 2007. She since has pursued and completed her Romana's Pilates certification, including 600+ hours of training including Romana's 2nd, 3rd, 4th Generation Instructions in the New York Studio and locations throughout the US. Her style follows Romana's method, which is focused on safety and the correct execution of the exercise as it relates to the individual body. Dana loves Pilates because it makes her body feel young!

Maggie headshot 2021.jpg
Maggie gainey

Studio Manager

Maggie began her Pilates practice in early 2017, right when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby! She fell in love with classical Pilates and how it helped her stay strong throughout her pregnancy and postpartum. Not only a dedicated client, she also began working at the desk soon after her daughter was born and couldn't stay away. Maggie loves how Pilates compliments her other workouts as well as her daily life, and loves spending time at the studio with amazing clients and instructors. 

CCY-2016-22+copy (1).jpg
Power Pilates and Balanced Body Certified

Courtney started teaching the Pilates method in 2007, after several years as a dedicated student. She has comprehensive certifications through Power Pilates and Balanced Body as well as hundreds of hours of continuing education and workshop experience. Courtney reveres the efficiency and universal benefits of the classical Pilates teachings and strives to execute a modern take on traditional disciplines. She has a fun, effective approach that proves that Pilates is for every single body and her goal is to help all students appreciate their strengths and move with ease and grace. In 2010, she added barre fitness instruction to her repertoire which solidified a love of teaching group fitness and went on to be the teacher trainer for Barre Evolution in Charleston, SC. Courtney is also a certified Buti Yoga instructor and led dynamic, high intensity, plyometric and dance-inspired classes for over years. She also developed her own movement methodology that combines dance inspired cardio and pilates based mat sculpting for a super fun and effective total body experience. Courtney shares her life with her husband, young son, and dog, in East Cobb.


Heather was introduced to Milton Pilates and Wellness after an accident in 2017.  She quickly learned to appreciate the impact it made with her mind and body.  After several years of Pilates sessions, she realized she wanted to share the power of Pilates techniques and exercises with others thru instruction.  Heather is is comprehensively and classically certified through Joel Crosby’s Pilates Contrology training program at Vitality Method Studio, 


Heather has lived in Milton for the last 15 years, and stays very involved in the community with her husband and children.  Some parents and young girls also know her as the “Bow Lady” making bows for cheer teams.  Her decades of experience in retail and recently in the fitness industry feed her ambition to help others in all she does.

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