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Group Classes
Drop In Rates

Reformer Class: $35/class

Tower/Mat Class: $25/class

(price will be discounted 10% from the above price when a package of 10 is purchased!)

Private Pilates
Private Session: $80/hr
Duet Session: $50/hr
Trio: $45/hr
(price will be discounted 10% from the above price when a package of 10 is purchased!)
Discounted Packages:




PRIVATE PILATES PACKAGE OF 10:  $720  ($80 savings)*  

PRIVATE PILATES PACKAGE OF 5: $380 ($20 savings)*


DUET PILATES PACKAGE OF 10:  $450 ($20 savings)*


*All packages expire within 4 months from date of purchase.

Bank of Money:

                                                             Single               $500             $1000
                                                             Session              (5%disc)                (10%disc)

Private Pilates*                               $80                    $76               $72
Duet Pilates *                                  $50                    $47.50               $45 
Pilates Reformer Class *             $35                    $33.25           $31.50
Pilates Tower/Mat Class *                    $25                    $23.75          $22.50

*Must take Intro Package prior


Banks of money expire 6 months from date of purchase


Why would I purchase a bank?


The Bank of Money allows you complete freedom to mix and match your privates, duets, trios, and classes! Depending on how much money you put into your account, you receive a discount on your chosen services. 


Why would I purchase a package?


Packages consist of 10 or more privates and/or classes of different combinations.  Each session or class is discounted 20% off, but the package must be completed within 4 months.


Why do packages and banks expire?


The answer to this question is two-fold:  First of all, we want all of our clients to be committed to their Pilates practice. The expiration gives you, the client, added incentive to keep working hard toward your Pilates goals!  Secondly, as a business, we offer discounts as a way of rewarding our committed and regular clients. We want you to get great results from your Pilates practice, but the only way to do that is if we see you 2 to 3 times a week! If you are happy with your results, that translates into you buying more packages or refilling your Bank of Money! In the end, as much as we just want to share the genius of Pilates, we also must pay our bills!  Your commitment to our studio helps us to do just that!

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